brewer's bay residence


The residence at Brewer’s Bay is located on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean and surrounding Virgin Islands.  The project begins as a bar, which is broken, bent, and exploded to better work with the existing curving topography, while creating exterior interstitial ‘public’ spaces.  The central volume acts as the primary hearth space, while a separate bedroom volume turns its back to the main space, allowing privacy and more unique views.

Large overhanging, low sloping roofs act as hats for these three volumes, and allow for large shaded areas to be used in the harsh Caribbean sun.  The exterior is rendered in a pure white plaster and a white aluminum roof providing contrast to the exterior jungle, and minimizing heat gain.  The pitched roof and elevated house reference the vernacular colonial Caribbean style of building, while abstracting those elements into contemporary forms and materials. 

Project Data
Location:  Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Building Type:  Private Residence
Area:  4,000 sqft