jewel box residence

The Jewel Box Residence is an addition and interior renovation to an existing home within the Oil Nut Bay Resort on Virgin Gorda.  The Jewel Box was one of the first houses built at Oil Nut Bay, and is located on the beach within walking distance to the beach club. The existing villa was both undersized and outdated, so the first solution was to extend the footprint of the villa in order to add an extra bedroom and flex room.  Due to the constraints of the resort development, the simplest course of action was to simply copy the existing bedroom volume as the addition.  This created a cohesive exterior without impacting the view from the beach.

The interior renovation consisted of updating all of the interior finishes, fixtures, furniture, and appliances.  In order to open the main living room areas, several interior walls were blown out and removed in order to create a seamless space between dining and living rooms.  Additionally, the interior was originally constructed using dark woods and stones.  The broader strategy was to brighten this palette by using lighter and more open materials.  Stone and wood are replaced with white tile and lighter millwork.  The result is not only a villa which is enlarged and more functional, but updates the interior aesthetic to something much more contemporary and calming.

The Jewel Box is a collaboration with Vic Bezemer and Green Room Designs.

Project Data
Location:  Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
Building Type:  Interior Renovation
Area:  3,500 sqft
Team: Vic Bezemer | Green Room Designs - Interior Architect