mountain retreat


The Mountain Retreat is an interior renovation for an eclectic and unique mountain retreat located on a mountain top in central Virginia.  Originally designed by a mathematician in the 1970’s, the plan is designed around a pentagon, and placed strategically in a large cleared meadow. 

The strategy was simple in the end - white washing the eclectic palette and simplifying all materials in the home while still maintaining the unique geometry and eccentricity of the original design.  White washed oak floors from a fallen oak tree on the new owner’s property replace the existing flooring.  Similarly, a new walnut kitchen uses reclaimed walnut from the owner’s land.  A new bathroom layout is introduced to have more of a contemporary plan while maximizing the space, and is lined in clear cedar.  A simple kitchen is introduced as well to maximize the small area, and clear up the island for dining and entertaining.  A new powder room, and built in bunk beds transform the lower level into a usable and comfortable space.

Project Data
Location:  Charlottesville, VA
Building Type:  Interior Renovation
Area:  1,250 sqft