park city residence


The Park City Residence is a small mountain cabin located adjacent to the historic downtown area of Park City Utah.  Working within the restrictive zoning ordinance provided by the city, the Park City Residence resembles a traditional mountain cabin.  The design utilizes a sloped roof and traditional exterior form, while black wood siding and a metal roof reference the aging barns seen in the landscape of Utah.

The interior however, is a contemporary intervention in contrast with the exterior. Each space within this form is conceptualized as a volume, which create large openings on the sides of the home.  Clerestory windows at the basement level, not only provide light, allowing for a functional basement, but give the appearance of the form floating above its pedestal.  A large covered deck on the front allows for a fully glazed living area in order to maximize the views from the property.

Project Data
Location:  Park City, Utah
Building Type:  Private Residence / Ski Chalet
Area:  1,730 sqft